Dallas VegFest 2024

Attend The Dallas VegFest 2024 at Kiest Park Recreation Center on Sunday, September 22nd, 11am – 4pm

Eat to Live

A fun, family-centered experience to help combat obesity, food insecurity and improve the health of participants of any age.

Explore plant-based diets, and ways to ensure you receive all the nutrients you need with this increasingly-popular lifestyle.

Start your own container of microgreens. A green thumb project the whole family will enjoy!

We showed you how to grow them and now you can see what sprouted! Common questions, answered.

Enjoy good health well into your latter years with proper nutrition.

Kelvin Nunley shares his experience with juicing, preferred methods, and the recipe for his favorite "Green Juice."

How to prepare nutritious, delicious Soy Braised Winter Squash. It's easy, it's healthy and it's easy to make. Download the recipe.

Take the mystery and judgment out of eating a plant-based diet. Learn about the different types and answer your questions about the journey.

For the Life of You

A healthy young man almost lost his life to coronavirus. Christopher Marshall was airlifted to save his life, and now he's here to tell his story.

State Farm Insurance Agent Kelvin Nunley explains the types and benefits of life insurance and how you can use your policy as your bank in trying times. Get the slides from Kelvin's talk.

Amazing Alternatives

Dr. Mark Hernandez, Licensed Acupuncture Physician, explains this 3,000 year old healing technique that is now practiced at the Mayo Clinic and Johns Hopkins.

Ayurveda is a 5,000 year old system of wellness whose principles on mind-body balance are applicable today.

Learn about Chiropractic, an alternative medicine concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the musculoskeletal system, especially the spine.

Feeling Fit and Calm

Join a Camp Gladiator trainer for this 20 minute high intensity Endurance workout. Learn how the exercises can be modified for different fitness levels.

Discover the restorative benefits of low-impact chair yoga with experienced yogi Amanda. Perfect for seniors, the mobility impaired and those new to Yoga.

Green Home/Green Earth

Environmental expert Helen Cantril Dulac shows you how to make effective, low-cost, environmentally friendly household cleaners, disinfectants, garden hacks and more. Click here to download Helen's green home guide.